Saturday, February 26, 2011

Top 4 Part-Time Jobs you can do and Make Money Online

You can make money online, why you are still doing something else, maybe you're student or working for a company: The listed below are Par-time jobs you can do online. 

1) Content Writing

Writing is a great way to start if you are looking for a Part-time job online. If you are not that sound in writing, it doesn’t mean you can’t write for online publications, what you just need is a basic knowledge about anything around you or something you have interest in. You could either work for one company exclusively or self-employed for many clients. This job also offers great flexibility with the types of writing and publications you can choose from. Just focus on online publications by writing for e-newsletters. Writers are needed for many different types of materials, such as sales-letters, parenting publications, health websites - you can even be a (Ghostwriter) for people who want to publish their own books or articles online but don't have experience in writing. if you have strong writing skills, there are endless ways for you to make money from it.

Only what you need is, having the skills and motivation to do it. It may be helpful to have at least the basic software programs that most clients would use, such as Microsoft Word.

You will need to have Paypal account online before you can claim your money, from any online publications you type for, not all will require you have a Paypal account, some of them will send your money to via Wire Transfer, Western Union Money Transfer and other payment method.

i recommend you start with the listed below:

You can still make a research on your own, to find the best online.

2) Sell someone self’s Products/Services online

One of the great thing about selling somebody else products/services online, is the commission you receive starting with 25%-75%+, your job is just to sell the product(s), you don’t deal with customer care what so ever.

Other thing I like is residuals: Residuals are programs that continue to pay each time the person you introduced uses their services. Therefore, the longer the residuals last the more money you have a chance to make. E.g you advertise something like “online degree” and anybody that register for the program you will earn a commission, as long as the person(s) still using the service, you continue making money from the website  

Checkout the listed below website you can find residuals program:

3) Blogging for Money

Nowadays making money online easy getting easier everyday by day, thanks to Web 2.0, you can blog for money, just create your own blog for free at or create a niche blog with good content and you can monetize with Adsense or affiliate sales. You don’t need to be online every time, you only need 2 or 3hrs a day and update your blog, why you are still doing something else. I simply call this (Part-time Job) and which is easy to do.

4) Sell your own products/services online

You can sell your own stuffs online either ebook(s) or software(s). You can even repackage any private labels rights articles that you have purchased and sell these as a new product and claim it as your own. It is even possible for you to use the contents of your blog to create enough material to have something to sell. You would be able to use this content to create a book by the end of six months if you post to your blog on a daily basis.

All you have to do is put all your updated information in book form by adding an introduction, resource list and of course a conclusion. Two great publishing sites you can use to sell the book would be and or if you prefer you can make your own PDF, just search for Ms Word to Pdf converter on the net.

I wish best of Luck.

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