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Understand your purposes before starting Internet Marketing Business

Beginner's Guide

Are you ready to Orbit the Webs to make a living, first thing you need to understand is this, creating a website must be for a purpose, which is called Niche. So what is website niche, simply means, subject matter of your website, i.e. what is your site all about? What is it talking about? For instance, the niche of www.yahoo.com is portal, e-mail, search web, Chatting YMs and stock news.

Consider to use a popular niche for your website that will determine your success on net, some people have failed in their online business because they chose a niche that was not popular and therefore not in high demand.

Before your website can be appear on the Internet, you need to understand what is called a Domain name and Web host. Once you have understood a domain name and web host, the next thing is to design your website and host it on the internet.

What is Domain name?
The domain name is the name that you type on a web browser when you want to visit a particular website. The domain name is generally called the website’s address or URL. e.g., a domain name is www.google.com, www.orbitwebs.blogspot.com

What is a Web host?
A website host is a compilation of files, folders etc. that is stored on the internet for the internet user to access your files online. You will need a website hosting company to help you accommodate your website files and folders on the internet, when the internet user type in your website domain name, they will be directed to your website.

How can you get a Domain name and Host your website online

First you can get it for free or pay for registration for very year payment for renewing your website.

You can get paid web hosting companies online, like www.bluehost.com or www.godaddy.com, and as well as free website services, like www.webbly.com both of them has a range of features. But note that some free web hosting companies are very poor in standard compare to the paid web hosting companies. You are advised that you pay a web hosting company to host your website online because you have every right of your website not the free ones that you will be restricted in one way or the other when hosting it for you for free.

You can get a .COM domain name for 7$.89 or you can get a .INFO domain name for just .90 cents which is the lowest.

Getting a domain name and web host online may be a little difficult for some countries that are not using credit card to buy things online or pay a hosting company. That is not something to worry about, you can find your local web hosting company online to host your website and at the same time to register a domain for you.

Once you have your domain name and webs host, then you need to decide how you are going to build your pages. You can either use software like Dreamweaver/FrontPage or use a ready-made Template to start with.

But if you wish to get free domain and hosting for free you can start with BLOG, if you don’t know what Blog is all about you can request for the complete ebook for free by sending me email to orbitwebs@gmail.com

Blog are free super easy to create. Only thing you need is Google account which is Gmail (email Address), you can now log in to www.blogger.com with the username and password and create your Blog easily.

After this has been done you simply select a template and begin to post to your
blog. You now have a good idea of what it means to blog for fun. However, to make money you will have to get a lot more in depth. For instance, you will have to choose an interesting topic to blog about. exp. Entertainment Blog, Lifestyle Blog, Sport Blog etc.

The Different between Blog and Website

You may be wondering about the difference between a website and a blog

A Blog is a different kind of website. The content is generally organized by dated articles called "posts" and they often display the most recent post at the top

Blogs are typically best for sites that are news-oriented. Meaning there is no specific order to the content, and you will be publishing the "current event" in regards to your blog's subject.

So let's say your blog is about Health Care and you have categories on your blog such as, weight loss, hair maintenance etc every time you have something new to write, you will publish a new post and the latest will appear at the top of your blog, while the older posts move to your Archives

Websites are more "static" meaning the content is not dynamically published by date, category, etc. with a website; you can have more control over the organization of your content in general.

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