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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing simply means a products or services that you sell online which means by selling someone else product online and earn a commission for every sale that you made. You are a virtual sales person of sorts. You don’t deal with inventory, customer service. You simply sell.

Promoting affiliate product, once you have decided to promote affilliate product e.g. ebook on wedding/dating - you would be provided with a customized "affiliate link" which is typically different from normal website e.g. instead of it will look like this http://orbitwebs-#43id=3231.

There are tracking systems that track your clicks, visits, purchases, etc so that you can see how many people went to the website and how many people actually bought the product and of course, how much money you have earned in commissions

It is very easy to sign-up as an affiliate to Commission Junction (,,,, and other affiliate networks.

Think of it, if you could find tens of thousands of people actively looking for ebook about “wedding”. You could be placing your affiliate link in front of them and be making money 24 hours per day.

This is just a tips on how affiliate marketing works, but there is more too it.

What Is An Affiliate Network?

Affiliate networks are companies that facilitate the “network” or relationship between the companies and the affiliates that is ‘you’. What you just need is, sign up for the affiliate network and instantly have access to thousands of companies. You can pick through any number of these companies to promote.

Lastly, the other major benefit of the affiliate network is the payment terms. Affiliate networks usually pay their affiliates’ faster than a direct company. Instead of waiting 30 days to be paid, payment will be sent to you within two weeks of the month. For example, many networks will set you on weekly basis if you start generating $500 per week or more in commissions.

Affiliate Network not for all Countries

If you are outside USA, it can be a little bit difficult to get accepted into an affiliate network - especially for people outside the United State. It might seem like a hard process but don’t worry, even if you are from Afghanistan or Iraq, if you know your way, you will be accepted to an affiliate network marketing.

How can you be accepted to an affiliate network?
The simple step is this to be accepted into an affiliate network; you must be well prepared and get over the fear of talking to real live human beings.

When you first apply for any affiliate network, you must not sit back and wait for there approval instead you email or call them, if you get denied, and ask why.

The common question that comes with the applications
The only question that the affiliate network may ask you is this, what your website is – if you have any, no matter how bad the website make look, just put it in. It really doesn’t matter that much in the terms of approval.

If you don’t have any website, don’t worry either. Put something like in the website URL if you plan to promote through Google and explain in the comments section your plans.

Website or no website, explain yourself and promotion methods in the comments section on the application.

Be Caution! Don’t Get Scammed!
Everyday affiliate networks are popping up every day. Be wise and stick with the tried and true affiliate networks. Until you have some experience under your belt and know what to look for, do not try to go for just any affiliate network. You don’t
want to risk not getting paid.

Below are the lists of Affiliate Network you can start with

Have it in mind that, too much affiliate networks is not good to start with, just 2-6 affiliate networks, no more than 10.

6 Hot Niches to start Promoting

The 6 hot niches I am referring to, I called them (problem solving niches).

These types of products could include:

Life Insurance
Auto Loans
Weight loss
Make money online

Many people out there are desperate for a solution to their problems and if you have a solution to their problem – you will make a lot of money overnight. Remember that, those needing a solution to a problem is where the money at.

10 vitals information you need to lookup to before joining any Affiliate Program, are listed below:

1. First thing, make sure the affiliate program you are joining has a good looking website. Don’t send your visitors to a website you yourself don’t like or a website that is consider as spam website.

2. Great payment structure - a high commission that is also a high percentage of the purchase price is essential, minimum of 30% commissions is good to start with.

3. Make sure they offer a wide-ranging affiliate statistics page that lists the number of clicks, number of sales you made and amount earned.

4. Ensure they give a wide variety of text links, banners and graphics to put on your web page. Although I prefer text links, certain types of banners and graphics still work well.

6. Know when you are going to be paid. If you join 2 programs and one pays monthly and the other pays quarterly, the one that pays quarterly is better. You do not want to wait months before getting paid for your hard work!

7. Checkout other top affiliates, if they are doing great from the affiliate program you going too. See if the affiliate program gives examples of how the top affiliates are doing. This can be a great pointer to whether it is good or not. If some affiliates are earning many thousands per month, it is a good affiliate program.

8. Know the exactly methods which other affiliates are using to get the best results. If the Affiliate Program you join, gives a clear methods on how other affiliates make good money. That is big advantage for you.

9. See if they offer email notification when you make a sale or get an affiliate signed up under you (if they have a Referrer Program). It is good to see ‘You have made another sale’ in your inbox.

10. Ensure top level support is given. If they cannot answer your query straight away make sure they can respond within 48 hours.

Word of courage

It’s so easy to always read a motivational story about top affiliates that is making 7 figures every month or more and think that those guys never fail.

Here is the one thing that they probably don’t want to talk about: failing is a part of this business – you won’t succeed at every campaign you create. Failing is going to be a part of your affiliate marketing career forever.

So don’t give up when you first start affiliate marketing campaign, it can be discouraging if you don’t immediately see success. Keep going forward and you will succeed. Amen.