My name is Taofeeq Adebiyi I am the Founder of OrbitWebs, this Site is mainly for Internet Marketing Strategies and Make Money Online. Learning the Internet Marketing in Advance way, has allowed me to balance my growth exponentially.

Talking about the methods I normally use to strategize my Internet Marketing and how I Make Money Online, I will teach you on this Blog. To get the updates, Subscribe to my RSS Feed.

Success Chronicle

I never thought ever since I was a little boy that I will be dude staring at computer screen to make a living, search for opportunity here and there. During my childhood I always dream of doing a business that the world will appreciate, now let me give an example, I use to sell Ice Cream then, I buy in volume from Ice Cream sales store and sell after school closure at the rate of $0.10 to the kindergarten children and the children appreciate it, and they normally say “come tomorrow”. My total profit for that day is about $20.

I had to stop because of my studies. After my secondary school graduate in 2004, I enroll for Computer study, I started by studying graphic design, later I join website design group, it wasn’t easy then to learn HTML and JavaScript, but I have passion for everything that relate to internet.

After my basic learning from HTML and Java, I move on to learn Internet Marketing as well as Search Engine Marketing, also Social Media and affiliate marketing.

I strong-willed that I will do everything I can to make money online, by God’s Grace, so I got serious about internet marketing. My approximately earnings is about $177 for 2wks.

The Top secrets
Applying my techniques to internet marketing, I researched out to everything thing I could about internet marketing through discussion boards, groups, friends, and Google.

I keep my eyes closely to statistics “transactions”. I observe each and every statistics; I use tracking, and above all, I don’t give up.

Anyway, if you like me or my Blog, my optimisms are to encourage people to learn to market at least little is better than none and as I continue to steps forward in marketing strategies.

In Addition
I, personally, I’m very honest and open minded person, lets leave religion out of this, I am connected with Almighty God and He has been there for me all through and I also abide by His rules and I apply it to my dealing. Do you have anything you want to tell me, feel free to email me ade4live@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

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