Hot Niches

The listed below Niches, is what you need to work on, all what you just need is just to pick the one that interested you and work on it, that just it, not just to work on it but make it effective so that you can dominate the entire niche and your competitors by using sub-categories as well.

1) Weight Loss

calories, lose weight, losing weight, diet, weight loss programs, weight loss foods, health, exercise, physical activity, How to, burn, Health, weight loss products, quick weight loss

2) Environmental/Climate

climate change, Climate, global warming, Climate Change, climate, emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, energy, greenhouse gases, Sustainability, science, scientists, the Environment, CO2, CO2 emissions, the Kyoto Protocol, the United Nations, atmosphere, carbon emissions

3) Make Money Online
how to make money online, How to, product, business, internet, Making Money, Money, marketing, earn money, traffic, Internet, Google, income, affiliate marketing, blogging, scams, money at home

4) Dating

online dating, dating, dating site, dating service, Dating, personals, relationships, search, women, dating sites, romance, dating agency, friendship, Online dating, internet dating, personal ads, relationship, London, dating website, first date

5) Auto Loans

auto loans, car loan, car loans, vehicle, credit, financing, Loans, lender, loans, auto loan rates, banks, credit score, Credit Cards, Bankrate, auto financing, bad credit, new and used

6) Apple Ipods and Ipads

Apple, iPad, iPads, iPhone, iPhones, iPod, iPods, iPhone 4, iOS, Apple iPods, Apple TV, the Apple, iTunes, Apple iPod, iPod nano, music, Price, Apple iPhone, video

7) Travel

hotels, Hotels, Photos, travel, search, travel news, Vacations, Cruises, Flights, Search, travel deals, travel guides, deals, Travel Deals, Travel Guide, Travel News, Video, Attractions, airlines

8) Parenting

parenting advice, parenting articles, parenting skills, step parenting, parenting classes, parenting websites, parenting magazine, parenting styles, parenting books, christian parenting, parenting teenagers, attachment parenting

9) Beauty

beauty supplies, beauty tips, beauty product, discount beauty products, beauty tips for women
beauty tips and tricks, beauty blog, beauty tip
beauty products, beauty supply, beauty tips and secrets, beauty store, health beauty, health and beauty, beauty supplies online, health and beauty products, beauty tips for girls, health and beauty tips, beauty salon, new beauty products

10) consulting

business consulting, management consulting, marketing consulting, consulting business, edi consulting, marketing consulting services, consulting services, small business consulting, consulting it training, internet marketing consulting, consulting company, it consulting, computer consulting, legal nurse consulting
internet consulting, consulting firm, ecommerce consulting, software consulting, health care consulting, customer service consulting, healthcare consulting, telecom consulting, turn around consulting, security consulting

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Let me remind you that Google are now working on something called "LSI Keywords" thats yet to hit the search engine queries. If you want to more on this, you have to search for it now.