Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 Tips why Facebook Fan Page is very important for Online Business

Facebook is the second most visited website all over the world on the internet after Google. Creating a Facebook Fan Page, you are diving into a potential audience of over 500 million active users.

Some facts to consider:
- 40 million people become fan pages every single day.
- Every month active users becomes a fan of 7 pages.
- There are over 9.5 billion Facebook fans in general.

With all this numbers, why not invest a little time and energy into creating a Fan Page your business.
1. Just a click to “Fan” a Page
Just a click Facebook users can fan your page. A user does not need to enter his/her name, email address or click to subscribe button, all of these steps have been merged into one simple click, “Become a Fan” button.

It couldn’t be easier for someone to get involved with your content, and you’ll never have to worry about your messages winding up in someone’s spam folder.

2. Demographics Details
The Facebook Insights Page shows complete information about your fans, which is their; Sex Ratio, Age Ratio, Total fans, Unsubscribed fans and Graphs over time of: wall post, comments, countries, languages, likes comments.

The information allows the companies to better understand who reads the content. The more you know about your audience, the better!

3. The “Feed” is Platinum
The average Facebook user spends 1hr per day. Reading your posts can seem equally important and respectable. Facebook’s News Feed has become a highly-personalized AP wire. Being where they spend most of their time is a good way to hooking in more readers.

4. Tricking your Fan Pages
You can trick your Facebook Fan Page by making it look professional

Facebook uses FBML which is called “Facebook Markup Language” static page widget which allows you to add custom tabs to your Fan Page. It can incorporate HTML, CSS, PHP and Facebook’s proprietary code to create custom tabs with e-mail signups, promotions and much more.

I won’t get too methodological in this post about FBML; stay tuned for information how to implement FBML to your Facebook Page.

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