Saturday, March 26, 2011

Facebook is Gold why?

Facebook as a large-scale audience of over 500 million active users, Facebook would be a hard channel for most internet marketers to ignore, but setting up and maintaining a Facebook page for your business need some careful thought and consideration.

Facebook provides both pages and groups for companies to set up use in and communicating with their consumers. It became speedily visible that pages were the way to go because of their honesty and trademark. The page should be for uploading photos, videos, blog posts, news updates, and feeding content into fans’ news feeds profile.

Facebook has been able to overtake MySpace and Twitter as the No 1 social networking site in the world it’s no longer "just for high school or college students." Anyone can join Facebook.

Facebook allows so much more than e-mail or text messaging. In addition to writing on someone else's "wall" on Facebook, sharing photographs and videos. With over a billion photos and over 14 million added each day, Facebook is the number one photo-sharing site on the Internet.

On Facebook people have a (profile), while a business has a (page). You and I can have (friends) on Facebook, while a business has (fans). Businesses on
Facebook can really benefit from on Facebook through recommendation to friends, and definitely that is sign of awareness.

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