Friday, March 18, 2011

How to name your Blog

First, your interest is what really matters, now let’s say you love "Beauty", though everybody love beauty but is the passion you have for it. Now, you need some keyword research, effectively before you can name your Blog, like i said  before, if you have a passion in "Beauty", you can name your blog "fashion" but you can name it with related keyword go to, and type in "Beauty" in quote so that it will bring you exactly what people are searching for online about "beauty", a lot of keyword phrases related to "beauty" will appear, and as well how many times people are searching for each keyword every month.

Before you select a keyword to name your blog, make sure the "Global Monthly Search" is above 2,000 estimate, definitely that is a good keyword to select and use it to name your Blog.

Note: not just to name your blog alone but the content on your blog that really matters, if your Blog is about "beauty", write everything you know about fashion not about "Fishing".

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