Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to advertise on Facebook using Demographics

Before you starting advertising on Facebook, I want you to understand one thing which is called “Demographics” it will really help you a lot because knowing your demographics is the key, when a starting a social media campaigns. This is because people who are on Facebook site are not actively looking for anything except for entertainment just being on the website. For that reason your adverts need to be much targeted to your “Demographics” in order for you to make money on Facebook.

You should always start by thinking about who will be interested in the product you want to market. While there are always going to be exceptions, there is usually going to be one main age group, sex, race, etc that are interested in your product or service more than the others. Targeting this group gives you the best chance of finding success in your internet marketing career. For instance, if you want to market something like beauty, you should know that generally the demographic you will target is women. Though, some men like beauty too, but a much larger percentage of women will be more likely to buy that beauty product. Women between the ages 18-60 is good to target.

So, how to determine Demographics? There are some free tools that can help you to determine what demographic to target for each product you want to sell on Facebook. Example like Google Adplanner - has a powerful information and research capabilities. Search for Google adplanner online and enter a website name of the offer. Let’s say you are going to promote ebay. Google Adplanner’s will give the list of current trend on ebay and anything over 100 is above average for that demographic, under 100 is below average.

Don’t forget to check out their advertising policy guidelines. Doing so could help save you bunch of time so you don’t go through all the trouble of making a ads campaign that simply is not allowed on Facebook.

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