Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One of the Best Revolutionary SEO & Traffic

The most advanced traffic getting and link building software on the planet. A tried, tested and true
battle plan to apply.RankBuilder 2.0 comes loaded with over 1000 high PR sites and forums where at the click of a button, you can create profiles on ALL of them, complete with your links.

You’re about to discover the exact blueprint and strategies that transform Google and hundreds of other websites into a link and traffic getting Press that prints money on demand. In a nutshell, it floods your sites, affiliate links and offers with Free targeted traffic from 2 main vectors.

It does this by allowing you to build links, create profiles and syndicate your content to over one thousand distinct powerful sites – automatically

The basic effect of this is in two type:

1) Syndication:
Imagine your content, your affiliate links, your
offers blasted to the 4 corners of the web where it
will be seen by searchers, social butterflies,
forum visitors and a slew of others.
Everything points back to you. Your site. Your
affiliate links. Your offers. Your profit!
This is a direct impact of building hundreds or
thousands of links on the fly.

2) Near Unlimited Ranking Power:
This is the number one reason we built RankBuilder
in the first place. To be able to select juicy and
lucrative keyword targets and quickly secure top

It’s not content, it’s not on page factors, it’s not relevancy or keyword density or any of those
far less important factors.

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