Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to make money online using Online Videos

Only in USA alone, online videos were viewed by whopping of 15 billion+ in 2009. According to comScore, the average duration of videos watched was 2.5 minutes. Almost 200m+ US citizen viewed online videos in 2009.

Online video is beyond entertainment and news alone. Videos can also educate, give information and sell products or services. You can use video as product manual and use it as your internet marketing tools. Online video is a growing experience encompassing the life-style of every individual.

The No. 1 online video site, I'm talking about "YouTube" have turned online videos into an overnight sensation.

How can you make money using online videos? First, think about which promotional strategies have been most helpful in the past. Go to "Youtube" and search for the most viewed videos on youtube and what people are talking about the video. If you are selling a product, there is nothing quite like a lively testimonial from a satisfied customer who have purchased your product from the first place, just to showcase the product in great way to convey its value.  

For small business you can create a channel where all your videos will be merged; so that visitor can subscribe to your videos

Creating a video clip length should not be more than five minutes if possible. Animation can as well be use in creating your video. In most video clips, you can use relevant graphics such as drawings, graphs, charts, numbers presentations and in some instances.

Interviews with experts, brief industry news and testimonials from past users may also be presented on some video clips. Mix with a pleasant presenter’s voice, these videos are easy to understand and a joy to watch compared to reading from a text based publication.

Your site URL will be embedded at the bottom of the video clip, these will enable the audience to contact you. Also at the side of each video frame, there will be spaces for other companies to advertise their videos, which include their banners, logos, contact information and text promotions.

Other online video sites, you can try out and see why online video is the next thing on the internet: vSocial, Meta Café, Vimeo, Videoegg, Daily Motion.

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