Monday, April 4, 2011

Make Money Online with Pay Per View

Pay per view marketing, can also be called CPV-cost per view Marketing, is one of the big thing and is becoming more and more common in the internet marketing world today.

In actual fact Pay Per View marketing is by advertising through popups. The Popups is generated by adware on a users computer. These users allow the adware on their computer in exchange for things such as games, premium content, etc.

Pay Per View is a great way to start in the internet marketing world. The reason why it’s great to start in is because it takes no landing page or website and is still fairly untapped in a lot of the smaller niches meaning big potential for profit. Compared PPV to PPC and other major mediums, PPV is not as competitive.

Starting with Pay Per View Promotions:
Before you start trying to build your Pay Per view Campaign, you should know that there are certain offers and promotion methods that seem to work better than others for PPV. Here are two really popular ways to promote offers through Pay Per View:

1. Sending traffic to a short, easy to fill out lead generation form. You don’t need a landing page, just directly linking to the offer. E.g Dating, insurance leads, education etc.
2. Capturing email leads and then emailing the leads products and services. With email capturing on Pay Per View, you use a simple create a page and a captivating headline to draw people into giving their name and email. Inviting them with free stuff, like an ebook, software.

Adon Network, DirectCPV, Traffic Vance and MediaTraffic they are one of the BIG player in Pay per view marketing, you can try them out. You will be given a complete guide on how Pay per view marketing works.

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